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curvesIf you have been blessed with curves, then you should try to maintain them that way as curvy women often go over to the side of plumpness.  

There are several exercises and measures to try to maintain a curvy body. Women without curves can try them too for developing them. 

Cardiovascular Exercises 

Exercising is mandatory to maintain an hourglass figure. Cardiovascular exercises help to shed weight from different parts of the body. Avail great discounts by using nutrisystem 50 off deals and enjoy your dieting. By training for 45 minutes on three days of the week, you can shape your body into a curvy one.  

Within your exercise routine, alternate between low and high intensity ones so that metabolism is kept steady. Running, elliptical training, jogging, step aerobics exercises etc. can be tried to make your cardio exercise effective. 

Weight Training Exercising 

To obtain good curves, it is important to work on the shoulders, arms, thighs and other parts of the body. Working out on bench presses, lunges and squats, step up exercises and bent over rows are effective in weight loss. 

When you are weight training, make sure you choose heavier weights so that you do not need to do more than 10 to 12 repeats. Practising four to five sets of such exercises will bear fruit in your case. Alternate this schedule with your cardio exercise one. 

Other exercises to perform 

For a flat abdomen and oblique, you need to perform additional exercises such as Russian twists, reverse crunches and bicycle manoeuvres. These exercises can be incorporated into the weight training or cardio schedule and you need not set aside a special day for them. Repeating them for 10 to 12 times in 4-5 sets will burn the fat deposits in the area to reveal muscular curves. 

Watching what you eat 

Your diet has a lot of impact on the way you look. Avoid eating fries, burgers, sodas, sweets and alcoholic drinks as they supply the body with unnecessary calories. Instead, switch over to food stuffs such as lean beef, fresh fruits, green vegetables, chicken breast etc. Eating healthy and in portion controlled manner would help you stay fit. 

Moreover, the reduced numbers of calories will use up the fats stored in the body and aid you to lose weight from your trouble areas. 

Have a hearty breakfast 

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day as you have it after a very long gap. Make it a point to have breakfast that is full of proteins, fibres and other nutrients. It has been noted that individuals that consume breakfast are slimmer than those who skip it. 

Oats and muesli are some of the best cereals to consume for breakfast. Add berries and other fruits to it to make it tasty and healthier. A large breakfast can prevent you from consuming unhealthy snacks in the middle of the day.